Naturecentric means living in environmental and spiritual harmony

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guiding principles

a call for action

We are empowered beings and we can shape our future together. I believe that we need positive visions of a better future and I believe that this is a experiment worth trying out regardless of the outcome.

I am interested in futher researching and developing the Naturecentric philosophy and framekwork. I would like to put these ideas to action and see what we get. If you agree with and believe in my vision... then perhaps you also already know that this task is not for a single person - we all need each other do our bit.

If you are an Ecologist, Scientist, or affiliated with an Interdisplinary Research Institute and would like to learn more; get involved; fund or support this research, please get in touch using the Contact form or emailing me at

Imagining positive scenarios for all living beings

PROJECT Portfolio

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